Lawsuit Filed On Behalf Of Muslim Woman Fired From Job

September 13, 2007

Author: Casey Nolen

Source: KSDK

A Florissant woman said she was fired for the way she dressed and now a lawsuit has been filed on her behalf.

The company, St. Charles-based Client Services, Inc., said it has a dress code.

The woman, Mariam Soultan, said it's a matter of religious freedom.

"I felt really comfortable during the interview," Soultan said about the day she thought she had found a part-time job that was the perfect fit.

The job involved she had previously done and would also allow her to stay home most of the day with her three-year-old child.

"I was hired right then and I accepted the position," Soultan said.

On her first day of work as a phone operator for the company's collection center, she was pulled aside and questioned about her attire.