Laotian Community Celebrates New Year

April 7, 2007


Source: The Daily Iberian

If the Lao belief that the purity of water brings good luck is true, then the Laotian community in Broussard will reap a prosperous year.

Pouring rain and chilly temperatures Saturday did not stop the annual Laotian New Year celebration at the Wat Thammarattanaram Buddhist Temple, where hundreds of community members came out to hear live bands and eat traditional Laotian cuisine.

The New Year celebration has been held in the area for more than 20 years. The event began Friday with an outdoor ceremony to give alms to the monks, and will conclude today with the building of a sand castle and a traditional water festival at the temple.

Community member Ning Malathong stood soaking from the rain Saturday and covered in shaving cream, a tradition that he said is a symbol of cleansing and preparation for the Laotian New Year that starts in April.