Labeling the United States: From Judeo-Christian to Abrahamic

July 7, 2003

Source: The Columbus Dispatch


On July 7, 2003 The Columbus Dispatch reported that "even though the United States is a nation of many religions, its image to the world is defined greatly by two — Judaism and Christianity — and its value system has come to be called 'Judeo-Christian...' Recently, American Muslims have begun to advocate expanding that term to include them, making 'Judeo-Christian-Islamic' or 'Abrahamic' the label for American morals and values... 'The Islamic contribution to (American) society is mounting, and we need to recognize this,' said Mohammed Al-Hanooti, an Islamic scholar in Falls Church, Va., a suburb of Washington... John O. Voll, associate director of the Washington-based Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, said the country is presenting a religious face with more pluralistic features. The term Abrahamic makes sense to him."