King Abdullah Addresses Netherland's Parliament

October 30, 2006

Source: Jordan News Agency

The Hague, 30 October (Petra)--His Majesty King Abdullah II on Monday said that track towards tolerance and respect is not restricted to Moslems only. All countries and peoples should play their role in this regard, His Majesty said in a speech addressing the Netherland’s parliament. He urged representatives of the Dutch people to raise their voice high against the stereotype images and degradation , and for cooperation to help young people in the two countries for a new future in which all differences are respected , and to understand that we are all partners in humanity.

His Majestyt reaffirmed that stability in the Middle East can be achieved only by focusing on the key problem in the region which is represented in consistent denial of the Palestinian rights. He reiterated that the solution is there through partnership and trust where security and justice as agenuine need , could be achieved.

Following is the full text of the King's remarks:

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim; Honourable Chairpersons, Distinguished Members of Parliament:

I am honoured to speak before this historic institution. The Netherlands has been a leader in the cause of partnership among nations ... a long and true supporter of peace in my region ... and a valued friend to Jordan. The renowned Dutch scholar, Erasmus, began his treatise on peace with the words “Peace Talks.” For so many years, the voice of Peace has been your country’s voice. We hear it, and we thank you.