Judge in Detroit is Not First Muslim Woman Judge in U.S.

April 18, 2006

Source: The Arab American


On April 18, 2006 The Arab American ran a letter to the editor by Zakiyyah Muhammad, a doctor from Anaheim, California, "Your statement/article that Charlene Mekled Elder is "the first Muslim woman judge in the country" is incorrect. She may be the first Arab American judge, but she is not the first Muslim woman judge as stated. Nevertheless, we congratulate her on this great accomplishment. The first Muslim woman judge in the United States is Sheila Abdus-Salaam, an African American who still sits on the New York State Supreme Court. She was appointed more than 15 years ago. In Baltimore, Maryland we have the first Master of Chancery appointed approximately 10 years ago, Zakia Mahasa, an African American Muslim woman. The African American Muslim community also has the distinction of having the first Muslim male judges, Judge Adam Shakoor (retired) of Detroit and Judge David Shaheed of Indianapolis."