'Journeys' Teach Students Importance of Different Religions

March 16, 2008

Author: Veronica Grandison

Source: Heritage Newspapers/Press & Guide Newspapers


In 2001, the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion (MRDI) began sponsoring Religious Diversity Journeys, a program developed by Interfaith Partner board member Gail Katz, to educate middle school students in six Oakland County school districts on the traditional values of different religions.

This year, Interfaith Partners, an MRDI program, has begun to offer Diversity Journeys to a wider group of students throughout the Metro Detroit area, but Interfaith is working primarily with congregations to get more students involved in learning about various faiths.

Throughout the program, more than 50 middle school students from churches in Dearborn, Detroit, Canton and Redford will participate in five journeys taking place over a five-month period. For three to four hours on a Sunday afternoon each month, students will engage in learning sessions regarding the rituals of a religion and listen to lectures by representatives of that particular faith.