Jews, Muslims Gather to Celebrate Ramadan and Rosh Hashana

October 17, 2005

Source: The News Observer

On October 17, 2005 The News Observer reported, "Ten years ago, Khalilah Sabra could not imagine herself participating in interfaith activities with Jews. 'Although I am not Palestinian, the occupation was like a sore that would not heal,' said Sabra, a Muslim woman living in Raleigh. In a classic leap of faith, Sabra organized such a gathering Sunday when about 50 Muslims and Jews participated in a discussion of the two faiths as part of this month's Ramadan and Rosh Hashana... The Muslim society co-sponsored the event with the Triangle chapter of Tikkun, a nationwide interfaith movement comprising mostly members of the Jewish and Christian faiths... Over the past year, the two groups have built trust while mingling over food... Sabra said she had a change of heart after realizing the two faiths must establish a relationship 'based on human compassion and ethical cooperation.' 'If the Jews feel disconnected from Muslims, then it's easy to continue hurting each other and finding fault with each other and not finding a democratic solution,' Sabra said. 'Hopefully, what we are doing here may affect the trials and tribulations in the Middle East.'"