Jewish Teens Discuss Anti-Semitism at Student Conference

April 27, 2004

Source: JTA

On April 27, 2004 JTA reported, "[T]wo days before an international conference on anti-Semitism[, a] student event, organized by the Jerusalem-based World Union of Jewish Students and held at the Jewish Museum of Berlin, brought together about 50 young Jews from 23 countries to share their frustrations and hopes about the anti-Semitism they face in their communities and educational institutions. The program was supported in part by the World Jewish Congress. While they may not be threatened physically, students said they often felt uncomfortable with the kinds of questions they face...Many students described facing anti-Israel views on campus and an intensifying anti-Semitic atmosphere in academia and media...The Jewish students agreed that they have to be proactive in leading the fight against anti-Semitism, and that both the general public and Jewish students need to be better educated about Judaism. They shared ideas and tactics. Among them were the creation of an intercultural summer camp in Ukraine, pro-Israel activities on the Leeds University campus and Jewish cultural events that were open to the public in the Czech Republic and Romania."