Jewish Student Group Prepares "Shocking" Ads to Fight Anti-Semitism

October 22, 2004


Wire Service: AP

On October 22, 2004 the Associated Press reported, "A new advertising campaign to fight anti-Semitism in France aims to shock. The campaign features serene images of Jesus and Mary with the slur 'Dirty Jew' scrawled across them as if in graffiti. Underneath the picture appears the slogan: 'Anti-Semitism: What if it were everyone's problem?' The advertisements, which will run in French newspapers beginning Tuesday over a period of about 10 days, were created by the Union of Jewish Students of France, or UEJF. The UEJF said it recognizes the startling nature of the images but that the goal is to grab people's attention... He stressed that no disrespect for Catholic images or Catholicism was intended. 'On the contrary, we are, more or less, paying homage to Jesus and Mary as the first to protest racism, the first who took it upon themselves to defend others,' Arfi said."