Jewish Leaders Outraged at Posters in Students' Campaign Against Anti-Semitism

October 23, 2004

Source: The Jerusalem Post

On October 23, 2004 The Jerusalem Post reported, "French Jewish leaders were outraged when they discovered the posters for a planned campaign against anti-Semitism to be launched Monday by the French Union of Jewish Students, UEJF. The posters show representations of Jesus and of the Holy Virgin tagged 'Dirty Jew' and 'Dirty Jewess' with a catch line, 'Surely Anti-Semitism concerns everybody.' Roger Cukierman, President of CRIF, the umbrella body politically representing the French Jewish organized community, told the Jerusalem Post that the posters were 'inappropriate and misleading. Today, the Catholic Church in France is by no means the right target for this kind of campaign. I received an incredible amount of phone calls from Jewish people fearing that the campaign would be counter-productive. To my opinion, one should not use highly sensitive religious symbols for advertisement, especially when it is not one's religion.'"