Jewish Leaders Concerned with Growth of Anti-Semitism Among Latino Immigrants

July 1, 2004

Source: Catholic News Service

On July 1, 2004 Catholic News Service reported, "U.S. Jewish leaders met with Vatican officials in late June to raise what they consider a growing problem: anti-Semitism among Hispanic immigrants to the United States. According to surveys, new Hispanic arrivals in the United States are '44 percent infected' with anti-Semitic attitudes, reflecting lower sensitivity to the problem throughout their Latin American countries of origin, said Abraham Foxman, national director of the U.S.-based Anti-Defamation League. The rate of anti-Semitism among the immigrants is more than twice that of U.S.-born Hispanics, Foxman said. A high percentage of the immigrants believe the Jews were responsible for Christ's death, he said... Because the vast majority of Hispanics coming into the United States are Catholic, the ADL believes the church can use its leverage to sensitize these communities to the strong teaching against anti-Semitism that has come out of the Vatican over the last 40 years."