Jewish-Latin Hip-Hop Captures New York

March 26, 2004

Source: The Jewish Week

On March 26, 2004 The Jewish Week reported on the band The Hoodios, a Jewish- Latin hip-hop group making waves in the Vilage. "The Hoodios’ name — a funkier spelling of the Spanish word for Jew, 'judio' — and their material reflect the founding duo’s concern with their Jewish identity. Like non-Jewish rappers, their lyrical content can be in-your-face with songs like 'Kike on the Mic,' a number that has rubbed a few raw nerve endings.... As strongly as Hip Hop Hoodios are tied to their Jewish identities, their roots in Latin alternative music are just as deep." Members have lived in Colombia and Argentina, and their song "1492" explores the Spanish Inquisition.