Jains Flock to Queens to Consecrate Temple

June 28, 2010

Author: Ivan Pereira

Source: YourNabe.com


An Elmhurst temple was the site of one of the most holy rituals in the Jain religion and thousands of worshipers from around the world gathered there to take part in the ceremony.

The Jain Center of America Inc. New York, at 43-11 Ithaca St., held a Shri Ashtapadji Pratishtha Mahotsav ceremony inside its four-story temple that was converted into a replica of the Astapad Tirth, a Jain temple that was lost in the Himalayas centuries ago. The event marks the consecration of the religion’s 24 Tirthankars, or statues of gods, and will enable Jain members in the New York City area to pray to them any time they want.

Ninten Ajmera, who works at the temple, said 2,000 worshipers from parts as far away as Australia visited the center to take part in the weeklong ceremony.