Jain Center of Southern California Raises, Distributes $125,000 for COVID-19 Relief

June 23, 2020


With the world “turned upside down” because of the pandemic and the ensuing hardship caused by death, unemployment, the challenge of putting food on the table and disruption in academic programs, the Jain Center of Southern California here said it is doing its best to offset the troubles.

Led by Dr. Jayesh Shah, Indian American president of JCSC, members have started a Coronavirus Humanitarian Relief Fund. They have not only been able to quickly raise $125,000 but have also put the money to immediate use to help people in the areas surrounding the temple and center.

A sum of $35,000 has been given to Second Harvest, an organization that serves thousands of meals to underprivileged families all over Orange County. Every Sunday, JCSC has begun distributing bags of groceries to those in need. Additionally, they have also donated money to provide 250 of these bags to the Children’s Grace of Hope organization in Buena Park. It has also allocated funds for organizations in India to help provide groceries and for animal sanctuaries.

Donations have also been made to help the city’s residents pay rent and utility bills, with around $6,000 going to toward this effort. JCSC has also worked with the school district to distribute computers to children.

JCSC made it clear that every dollar was spent toward providing relief to members of the community and no monetary donation had been set aside as “administrative expense.” Shah, referring to JCSC’s track record for supporting the needy after natural calamities in India, Japan, Nepal, Haiti and Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, said, “the Jain community has always been very generous about helping those who are in need. Compassion is the basic principle of the Jain religion.”


Source: Jain Center of Southern California Raises, Distributes $125,000 for COVID-19 Relief - IndiaWest