Islam-Christianity Dictionary in the Making

April 20, 2008

Author: Staff Writer


A dictionary on commonalities and differences between Islam and Christianity is being drafted by three US-based researchers with contributions from religion professors, priests, imams and interfaith experts. “We want people who are going to be ordained, people in Muslim religious schools, people in communications, government and business, to be aware of the importance of the relationship between these two religions,” Martin Forward, executive director of Aurora University’s Wackerlin Centre for Faith and Action, said. The dictionary will act as a focus for the discipline of Christian-Muslim relations internationally.

Some 60 religion professors, priests, imams and interfaith experts from around the world are contributing to the “Christian-Muslim Relations Dictionary,” to be released in 2012 by the Cambridge University Press. The dictionary will have up to 900 alphabetically-arranged entries on people, places, theologies, denominations, scripture and other core texts. It will also include entries on art, cinema and feminism. Contents will include an introductory essay, bibliography, and appendix material such as a chronology.