Introducing Crossing Faiths

December 17, 2008

Author: Sally Quinn

Source: The Washington Post/Newsweek

No force has more power than religion to reconcile or divide us. And yet most of us know little about our own faith traditions and much less or nothing at all about others. So how do we learn?

Here at On Faith, we believe one way to learn more is through discussion and dialogue. For the past two years, we've conducted passionate, intelligent and often controversial discussions on religion, with no political or religious agenda. Our goal has been to broaden and deepen our understanding of religion and its impact on our world.

Now we'd like to take another step toward informing, learning and understanding more about faith. We're calling it Crossing Faiths, an interactive feature that invites you to explore a different religion and share your experiences with our online community.

Here's what we're inviting you to do.

Try a new faith (or non-faith) for one day. That exploration can include attending a different place of worship or an event hosted by another faith tradition, discussing faith with someone whose views differ from your own, or inviting someone of a different faith to experience yours.