Interreligious Meeting in Geneva Aims to Recast Dialogue as "Practice of Humility and Hope"

June 10, 2005

Source: World Council of Churches

On June 10, 2005 a World Council of Churches press release reported, "Representatives of the world's main faith communities have proposed reshaping the approach to global interreligious dialogue to face threats posed by the current world context more effectively. 'Recasting interreligious dialogue as a practice of humility and hope offers a way of building greater trust,' concluded participants in an international conference on a 'critical moment in interreligious dialogue' convened by the Geneva-based World Council of Churches, 7-9 June 2005. 'Together may we seize this critical moment and help transform its perils into a pilgrimage of faith that will guide us to a more just, compassionate and peaceful future,' agreed the over-130 representatives from ten of the world's religious traditions involved in the event."