Interreligious Gathering Celebrates Muhammad's Birthday

April 27, 2006

Source: UCA News

On April 27, 2006 UCA News reported, "Speakers from various religions commented recently on the role of Prophet Mohammad in promoting peace, justice and dialogue. They spoke at an April 20 interreligious gathering organized by Tamaddun Majlish, one of the country's oldest Islamic organizations, at the National Press Club in Dhaka. The event was held in honor of Prophet Mohammad's birth, which Muslims around the world commemorated on April 10. Ten speakers addressed an audience of 200 people on the theme: 'The present world's human rights problems in the light of Prophet Mohammad's idealism.' According to Shah Abdul Hannan, retired secretary of a government ministry, 'Prophet Mohammad's first steps in establishing an Islamic state were negotiation and dialogue, and his purpose was to establish peace, not conflicts, among people.' The Prophet also was an advocate of women's rights, added Hannan, who founded the Islamic Bank in Bangladesh." Other speakers included Buddhist, Christian and Hindu representatives.