International Interfaith Investment Group Launched

June 6, 2005

Source: The Hindu Business Line

On June 6, 2005 The Hindu Business Line reported, "In business, a good investment is usually one that makes more money. But in April this year, 27 organisations representing seven world religions and an assortment of banks, financial advisory companies, private foundations, and charities came together to redefine 'good investment'. According to this group, a good investment is one that helps create a better world while still generating high, long-term financial returns. And to put this definition into practice, the 27 organisations have become founding members of the world's first International Interfaith Investment Group (3iG). The purpose is to help faith-based organisations that own assets move into socially responsible investing (SRI) that brings in high returns, both socially and financially...The organisation already has members representing the Buddhist, Christian, Taoist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh faiths."