International Hindu Groups Protest Destruction of Temples in Malaysia

July 10, 2006

Source: Hinduism Today


On July 10, 2006 Hinduism Today reported, "At least three groups overseas have attempted to convey their concern to the Malaysian government about the spate of Hindu temple demolitions of late. The Agni Foundation, representing the Dutch Hindu Community, held a meeting on May 19 with Malaysia's Ambassador to Holland Noor Farida Ariffin to discuss the issue. In a report made available to Malaysiakini, the foundation said that Noor Farida dismissed claims that the Malaysian government ignored the sensitivities of the Hindu community by demolishing the Sri Kaliamman temple in Kuala Lumpur on April 20... Meanwhile, the Federation of Human Rights Organisations of India (FHROI) submitted a protest letter on the matter to the High Commissioner of Malaysia in New Delhi on June 2... Regional human rights watchdog the Asian Human Rights Commission has launched a write-in campaign to the Malaysian Attorney-General as an urgent appeal over the issue."