Interfaith Thanksgiving, 2001

November 19, 2001

Source: The White House

On November 19, 2001, the White House issued a press release with President Bush's remarks on Thanksgiving: "On this holiday, we give thanks for our many blessings and for life itself. Thanksgiving reminds us that the greatest gifts don't come from the hands of man, but from the Maker of Heaven and Earth. This week American families will gather in that spirit. We will remember, too, those who approach the holidays with a burden of sadness. We think especially of families that recently lost loved ones, and of our men and women in the Armed Forces serving far away from home. This is a nation of many faiths. And this holiday season, we'll all be joined in prayer that those who mourn will find comfort; that those in danger will find protection; and that God will continue to watch over the land we love."