Interfaith Service Draws Hundreds to Pray for Violence-Torn Kenya

January 7, 2008

Author: Cordell Eddings and Francesca Jarosz

Source: IndyStar

A prayer service for violence-ravaged Kenya drew hundreds Sunday to North United Methodist Church, where religious leaders and residents drew on faith for strength for friends and strangers in danger in the African nation.

Tribal gang warfare has killed more than 300 people and left more then 100,000 displaced since the country's disputed presidential election in late December.

The local prayer service was organized by the Global Interfaith Partnership, a collaboration of 10 local Jewish and Christian congregations and 20 Kenyan parishes that partner to provide social support services in the rural region of Chulaimbo, Kenya.

The group's project director, Ellen Daniels-Howell, said the service was to show solidarity with Kenyans and Hoosiers overseas amid the political turmoil.