Interfaith Rally Condemns Hate Crime Against North Austin Mosque

January 27, 2006


On January 27, 2006 reported, "In a show of solidarity, members of various religious groups gathered at an Islamic center in Northwest Austin Thursday night to condemn the actions of those who vandalized the property last weekend. Many who saw the defacement say it was a hate crime. The rally was organized by Austin-area inter-religious ministries.

Members represent different faiths who all agree vandalism of a place of worship is wrong.

'I think they just wanted to put out a message that all faith groups kind of stand together, and we believe in peace. We believe in welcoming people with open arms and we believe that all religious places are sacred,' said Ali Akhtar, Austin Area Interreligious Ministries.

Signs at the event reflected a variety of religions who support Muslims and who condemn hate crimes.

This was the second time in three months the mosque has been vandalized."