Interfaith Peacemaking Project Launched in Pasadena

June 10, 2006

Source: Los Angeles Times,1,533523.story

On June 10, 2006 the Los Angeles Times reported, "The buttoned-down Episcopalian minister was the first to stand up and introduce himself. Then came a Jew wearing a yarmulke. Then a Palestinian Christian attired in black clericals. Next, a Muslim cloaked in an aqua hijab.

On and on they went, 50 people representing three faiths, their clothing a reminder of their differences but their presence a sign of unifying goals: to oppose the war in Iraq, change U.S. foreign policy and find common ground among three religions.

They gathered in a large meeting room at All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena on Monday as part of the Interfaith Peacemaking Project, a new initiative that aims to rally Christians, Jews and Muslims against the war. They began their work by critiquing a speech they heard the night before by James Carroll, an author, former Catholic priest and, now, antiwar activist.

Carroll was the first of three speakers scheduled for this year. Rabbi David Saperstein, director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, and Iranian human rights attorney Shirin Ebadi, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, are the other two. Their talks are intended to lay the groundwork for the peace initiative � and to prompt frank discussions among members of the three faiths all linked to the prophet Abraham."