Interfaith Peace Ceremony Seeks to Break Down Barriers Between Faiths

December 22, 2003

Source: United Press International

On December 22, 2003 United Press International reported on an interfaith peace service held in Jerusalem that involved the symbolic recognition of Jesus by Jews and of Mohammed by Christians: "The ceremony was partly designed to convey the idea that the three monotheistic religions must reconcile in order to advance peace in the Middle East. That would be a precursor for peace elsewhere in the world. 'We should break down all boundaries that divide people. We should live together in mutual respect and cooperation,' advised Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak, Chairman of the IIFWP and the Interrligious and International Peace Council. Kwak is also Chairman and President of News World Communications, that owns United Press International. 'Peace cannot be achieved by external means alone... not by military force or diplomatic efforts alone,' he asserted. 'True peace is rooted in the individual person... and heart.... We must seek God. God is the origin and the foundation of peace,' Kwak added."