Interfaith Meet Mourns Mumbai Victims

December 9, 2008

Author: Staff Writer

Source: India Post

A memorial [s]ervice for victims of terrorist attack in Mumbai was held at American University here on December 4. This was organized by [the] Jewish Community of Greater Washington in collaboration with several Indian American sponsors. Rabbi Levi Shemtov was the key note speaker.

He expressed, in a very emotional manner, the agony over the loss of lives in Mumbai and how he and Government of Israel were in constant touch with Indian Government to help the victims. He said, "We are thankful to Indian Government for help extended in returning the bodies of Jews to their homeland in accordance to Jewish rites with dignity and honor.

The funeral of Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg, director of the Chabad House in Mumbai, and his wife had drawn unprecedented crowds and their sole orphan child, a boy who cried for his mother had overwhelmed people all over."

He further quoted an American Jew who was fortunate enough to escape the horrific scene, "I urge citizens of the world to go to Mumbai, enjoy its warmth, behold its beauty, invest there and not run away from there to prove to the terrorist that we are not afraid of them."

Other speakers included Dr Paraksh Ambegonkar, CEO and Founder of Bridging Nations, Rev. Clark Lobenstine, Executive Director of Inter Faith Conference, Dr Even A Feigenbaum, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State. They all expressed their solidarity with people of India, Israel and America and condemned terrorism worldwide in unequivocally terms. However, they all cautioned that we should not retaliate against any community because of a tiny fraction of extremist[s] in that particular community is responsible for this carnage.