Interfaith Maine Pleas Against Backlash

March 25, 2003

Source: WMTV

On March 25, 2003 WMTV reported that "religion and the law are sometimes seen as contending powers in a society. But today, we found special members of those communities who are serving as pillars - striving to uphold diversity in Maine... 'Our pledge is that any violence against any of our religious committees who are members of Interfaith Maine will be considered violence against all of us,' says Abraham Peck, of Interfaith Maine... a group that brings different religions together -- from Christianity and Judaism, to Bahai and Buddhism, and Islam... 'We've prayed together. We've sat and discussed each other's religious beliefs and tried to form a way of understanding, without necessarily saying that we're all the same,' Peck says... The group issued a joint plea to the community not to strike out against people because they are different and to speak out against such acts."