Interfaith Habitat for Humanity House Dedicated in Toledo

May 20, 2006

Source: The Blade

On May 20, 2006 The Blade reported, "Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Sufis, B'hais, and more will join together in celebration tomorrow of something that members of these diverse faiths have in common: the desire to give their fellow human beings a helping hand. They will participate in a dedication ceremony at 1318 Crystal St. in East Toledo, the site of the fourth annual MultiFaith Habitat Build. Representatives of more than a dozen faith groups, plus several secular community organizations including the Boy Scouts and Lott Industries, will be on hand to dedicate the home they helped build for the family of James Robert Phillips, Jr., and Michelle Brant and their five children, ages 2 through 8. Following the dedication ceremony, an ice cream social will be held for the new homeowners and their neighbors in the East Toledo area known as the Ironwood Co-op. Woody Trautman, co-founder of the MultiFaith Council of Northwest Ohio, said this week that community participation in the fourth annual build sponsored by the nonprofit organization was similar to the previous three years, with one addition: more young people pitched in... The MultiFaith Council leader cited contributions from a community youth group from Chicago, the Habitat Club from the University of Toledo, and the Boy Scouts... Families that partner with Habitat are required to contribute to the construction work and commit to making mortgage payments on their new home. The Maumee Valley Habitat for Humanity has helped coordinate interfaith builds since 1997, before the MultiFaith Council of Northwest Ohio was founded in 2003. The MultiFaith Council raised about $33,000 for the East Toledo home, with half of that coming through in-kind donations, Mr. Trautman said."