Interfaith Group Urges U.N. Action on Genocide in Darfur Region

October 27, 2004

Source: Voice of America

On October 27, 2004 Voice of America reported, "An interfaith group led by Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel is urging the United Nations to do more to highlight the unfolding human tragedy in Sudan's Darfur region. A coalition of Christian, Muslim and Jewish representatives went to see U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan Wednesday to ask for a daily accounting of the death toll in Darfur. One member of the group, Hannah Rosenthal of the Jewish Council of Public Affairs, said the world body is in a unique position to highlight conditions in Darfur, where many experts and the U.S. government say genocide is unfolding. 'There are people on the ground monitoring the situation. We have asked if it's possible to get daily counts,' said Mr. Rosenthal.� 'One way to educate the public and demand an end to silence is to frame the issue, not one group against another, not whether it fits diplomatic definition, but how many people are being killed, starved, raped, and we start framing the issue that way.'"