Interfaith Families Create a Season of Peace by Sharing Traditions

December 13, 2006

Author: Cassandra Spratling

Source: The News Sentinel/Detroit Free Press

DETROIT - The exterior of the D'Amore-Braver home glows with sparkling Christmas lights, adding a festive flair to their street in a Troy, Mich., subdivision.

Inside on a recent Monday evening, Arnie and Andrea and their two sons, Alex and Andrew, string lights and place bows and ornaments to adorn the Christmas tree between their living and dining rooms.

A new blue-and-white tablecloth imprinted with menorahs, stars of David and dreidels - symbols of Hanukkah - covers the circular coffee table in the living room. Atop it sits a display of five menorahs - most of them made by Alex and Andrew over the years.

While they decorate, the family listens to a CD that - like their decorations - celebrates both Christianity and Judaism.

While many families are getting ready for the busy holiday season, the challenges multiply for those in which the spouses are of different faiths, like the D'Amore-Bravers.

Arnie D'Amore-Braver, 55, is Jewish. His wife, Andrea D'Amore-Braver, 48, was raised Catholic.