Interfaith Event at Groton Mosque is a Learning Opportunity

May 8, 2006

Source: Norwich Bulletin

On May 8, 2006 Norwich Bulletin reported, "Carole Shores, a retired Bacon Academy teacher, said she realized just how much she didn't know about the rest of the world after the Sept. 11 attacks occurred in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C. 'I think it's very important we all learn about each other's religions and learn to respect each other,' said the 59-year-old New London resident, who used to live in Norwich. 'People fear what they don't understand.' Muslims and non-Muslims gathered Sunday in a mosque for an interfaith service and open house. Those in attendance learned basic tenets of Islam and heard the answers to both simple and difficult questions. The open house at the Islamic Center of New London in Groton was part of a series of events held at Christian, Jewish and Muslim places of worship this spring to promote knowledge and understanding of other faiths. Saeed Shaikh of the center welcomed guests explaining the open house was organized to teach what unites and divides Muslims and non-Muslims."