Interfaith Event Fosters New Insights

March 31, 2008


Source: The Oakland Press


Beheejah Shakoor learned from a rabbi that the yarmulke is worn as a reminder of a higher power, something she said she also believes.

"You realize we have more in common than differences," Shakoor, a Muslim nurse from South Lyon, said. Shakoor was among about 100 women of various faiths who attended Sunday's "A Day of Learning: Women in Judaism" at Congregation Beth Shalom in Oak Park.

Organizers of the event aimed to foster a mutual understanding and trust among women of all faiths, said chairwoman Fran Hildebrandt, a member of the Sisterhood of Congregation Beth Shalom.

"We believe that if we get to know each other, if we become friends, friends don't fight with friends. If we start in our own back yard and create peace here, it's like a pebble thrown in the water," she said.