Interfaith Event brings Together the Many Faces of Loyola University Chicago

February 21, 2007

Author: William Barrett

Source: The Phoenix

The Simpson Multi-Purpose Room became a melting pot of cultural and religious discourse Thursday as six selected panelists recounted their interfaith experiences in front of a diverse assortment of approximately 100 Loyola students and faculty.

Appropriately titled "From Jerusalem to Mecca to Calcutta to Chicago," the event incorporated both a discussion panel and a blend of culinary flavor, ranging from hummus to Turkish pudding. The dialogue provided an opportunity to learn about the customs of five major religious traditions through the perspectives of students representing their respective campus organizations.

"A program like this celebrates what is unique about Loyola University of Chicago," Hillel director Patti Ray said. "Our faith traditions relish celebrating with each other, talking with each other and engaging with one another."

Hillel is Loyola's campus organization for Jewish students. Along with the Muslim Students Association (MSA), the Hindu Students Organization (HSO), the Black Men's Initiative, University Ministry and the Society of Jesus, Thursday's festivities explored several mediums of interfaith communication in hopes of finding common ground.