Interfaith Efforts

June 23, 1999

Source: The San Francisco Chronicle

On June 23, 1999, The San Francisco Chronicle reported on a conference taking place at Stanford University of 100 religious leaders from 30 nations who are part of the on-going United Religions Initiative, which attempts to resolve religious conflict and promote dialogue among people of different faiths. Episcopal Bishop William Swing of San Francisco, who conceived of the United Religions Initiative, stated that "We're starting a network so we won't have other Kosovos." He believes that the religious roots of the war need attention. "Nobody talks about 'religious cleansing' and how we need to cross the borders between religions. We're not addressing the fundamental issues by dropping bombs, imposing an end on this, and chasing people back and forth across the borders of Kosovo." This conference is the last major gathering of the religious leaders before the United Religions charter is scheduled to be signed in June 2000.