Interfaith Dorm at Northwestern Brings Together Students of Diverse Faiths

September 19, 2005

Source: The Daily Northwestern

On September 19, 2005 The Daily Northwestern reported, "After writing short essay responses to an application, 15 [Northwestern University] students of diverse backgrounds and religious beliefs were assigned to live on the first floor of House 6 in a housing community designed to encourage interaction and learning among people of different theological backgrounds. The [residents of the new Interfaith Living and Learning Community] are pioneers 'both at NU and nationally' in an experiment resulting from a brainstorm in the Office of the University Chaplains and a student e-mail campaign last year. University Chaplain Tim Stevens said NU got the idea for the community from Syracuse University... Residents will take field trips to Chicago's religious communities 'such as the Hindu temple in Aurora' and listen to [informal lectures] given by faculty and guest presenters from the Chicago area. Although there is a basic program outlined for events, Stevens said he wants students to contribute to shaping the program's direction."