Interfaith Dialogue Needed Between Jews and Presbyterian's

November 8, 2004

Source: Kansas City Star

On November 8, 2004 Knight Ridder Newspaper reported, "at the [Presbyterian (USA)] church's national gathering in July, called the General Assembly, delegates voted 431-62 to start a process that could lead the church to 'disinvest' in some companies that do business in Israel. The idea behind the vote was laudable - to find a concrete way to express both support for Palestinian dreams of a homeland and disapproval of some moves by Ariel Sharon's Israeli government. A national church committee is meeting in New York to decide how to proceed with what delegates approved. But church leaders gave almost no thought to how the vote would play with Jews. The reaction was quick and painful. Jewish leaders were nearly unanimous in castigating the church for what B'nai B'rith described as 'hostile and aggressive' actions. Even some Presbyterians have expressed anger. A church in Georgia issued a statement calling it 'reckless and indefensible.'"