Interfaith "9/11 Unity Walk" Aims to Expand to 40 Countries By 2010

April 30, 2006

Source: Kuwait News Agency

On April 30, 2006 Kuwait News Agency reported, "The second 9/11 Unity Walk, scheduled here in September to mark the fifth year since the largest terrorist attacks in the United States, will be larger and include a broader agenda than last year's inaugural walk, event planners have decided. During a recent planning meeting for the event -- scheduled to take place on Sunday, Sept. 10 -- it was announced that the Unity Walk movement seeks to spread the experience globally with walks in 40 countries by 2010. The walk gives people of all faiths 'a way to demonstrate that they are not willing to be divided by religion or subject to those seeking to divide,' said Daniel Tutt of Interfaith Works and a member of the Unity Walk staff as well as the event's Executive Committee. The walk provides an opportunity for the peaceful majority to say, 'We acknowledge our differences, and we will not be divided by those differences. We care enough to know our neighbor as we seek to live peaceful lives in our global community,' Tutt said."