Indonesian Muslim Student Argues for a Pluralist Islam

October 16, 2004

Source: Jakarta Post/ANN

On October 16, 2004 The Jakarta Post/ANN ran a commentary by Sukidi Mulyadi, an Indonesian Muslim student at Harvard Divinity School in Cambridge, Mass. Mulyadi writes, "My spiritual encounters with Christians and Jews [at] Harvard... have greatly enriched me as a Muslim. As a protagonist of interfaith dialogue who has been struggling for a better understanding of, as well as practical methods for, building religious harmony and pluralism in Indonesia, I have always prided myself on being a Muslim in real direct encounters with people of other faiths in the United States. Though I have been devout in my Islamic faith, in fact, spiritual encounters with seekers of truth in different religious traditions have enriched my spiritual insights and, it turns out, deepened my Islamic faith as a pluralist Muslim."