India's Diverse Faiths Participate in Ganesh Festival

August 31, 2006

Source: Hindustan Times,000600010004.htm

On August 31, 2006 the Hindustan Times reported, "At Marine Lines, fruit seller Chand Sheikh, a 26-year-old Muslim, had been such a devout follower of Lord Ganesha since childhood that he was elected president of the local mandal [temple] and has already occupied that post for five years. In Bhandup, practising Sikh Balbir Singh, an actor, has brought an idol home this year, and plans to celebrate with his family every Ganeshotsav. [Across Mumbai], Sikhs, Christians and numerous Muslims are heading Ganeshotsav mandals, singing artis, distributing prasad. Many are prompted by faith, others by hope or just plain neighbourly interest... The festival begun as a nationalist effort to unite Indians in the struggle for freedom is still holding communities together."