Indians Contemplate Democratic Candidate

February 27, 2004

Source: India West

On February 27, 2004 India West reported, "In spite of the intense political churning in the Democratic presidential primaries that has narrowed the Democratic field to Senator John Kerry and long-shot candidate Senator John Edwards, Indian Americans in the San Francisco Bay Area have been unusually quiet on the political scene this year. Both Edwards and Kerry visited the Bay Area to meet with small groups of Indian Americans in the last six months, but there has been no major fundraiser in the community for either candidate... Kerry and Edwards have been critical of outsourcing jobs to India, China and other countries. They have blasted the Bush administration for the loss of jobs in the U.S. workforce and indicated they would seek measures to keep jobs in the U.S. Verma said he realizes that many members of the entrepreneurial community in Silicon Valley, many of them big political contributors, believe that India and the U.S. benefit in the long run from outsourcing. 'We hope to moderate his (Kerry's) feelings. We want him to understand our point of view,' Verma said."