In Indianapolis, Interfaith Habitat for Humanity Project is a "Statement to the World"

August 14, 2006

Source: WISHTV

On August 14, 2006 WISHTV reported, "Indianapolis Christians, Muslims and Jews have been working hand in hand over the last several months on an interfaith project that came to fruition Sunday. The project was to build a house with Habitat for Humanity. Their ultimate goal was to celebrate diversity and share a sense of unity. 'This is a sign of what can be done around the world,' Michael Saahir with the Imam Nur-Allah Islamic Center said. They have dubbed it the House of Abraham. 'Because Abraham played a very important part in all three faiths and all three faith recognize Abraham,' Dean Illingworth, former director of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Indianapolis, said. 'Abraham's tent was a symbol of hospitality and warmth and welcome and what has happened here is a people of three faiths. Jews, Christians and Muslims have come together to build a house to make a home for a family,' Sandy Sasso, Rabbi of Congregation of Bethel Zedeck said... 'If people of faith, different religions can put their differences aside and come together the good of helping a family. It's very important because when people help people they're serving God,' Saahir said... The House of Abraham is Habitat for Humanity of Greater Indianapolis' 300th home. The interfaith group hopes to build two more homes in the name of Abraham next year and then one in Israel in 2008."