Indian Students Celebrate Navaratri in the Heart of London

October 15, 2005

Source: Deccan Herald

On October 15, 2005 the Deccan Herald reported, "It was as if time stood still. Mirror-worked ghaghras in bright shades of orange, blue and purple twirled in the air as young girls danced to the tune of Mehndi Tevavi, the traditional Gujarati garbha number. Bandhni prints, rich embroidery work with Indian motifs, huge posters of Indian Gods and Goddesses, strong smell of incense and camphor and colourful ethnic decorations. This could well be a scene from the Navrathri celebrations in Mumbai. But here in the heart of London were Indian students, miles away from their country, trying to recreate the atmosphere and mood of Navrathri. Hindu students of six different universities in London along with Shakti Marg Hindu Network organised the event at Conway Hall to celebrate Navrathri with Garbha and Dandiya-raas."