Indian Muslim Clerics to Work for Israeli-Palestinian Peace

September 12, 2007

Author: Faraz Ahmad

Source: EarthTimes

New Delhi, Sep 12 - A group of Muslim clerics from India have called upon 'the children of Abraham (Muslims, Christians and Jews)' to shun violence against each other and have undertaken to promote peace and reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians.

An eight-member delegation led by four Muslim clerics from India visited Israel Aug 15-21. The visit was marked by the Indian maulanas and the Israeli rabbis by the signing of a joint peace accord, which asked the 'Children of Abraham' to shun violence against each other.

It also stated that: 'We call for the review of all educational materials to ensure that these do not contain any expressions of hate or incitement towards others; and if such appear, to eliminate them accordingly.'

The American Jewish Committee (AJC) promoted the idea and also organised the seven-day tour, said Priya Tandon, the India representative of AJC, who accompanied the delegation.