Indian-American Muslims to Discuss Ways to Thwart Hindutva Influence

July 21, 2004

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Wire Service: IANS

On July 21, 2004 the Indo Asian News Service reported, "Ways to thwart the influence of Hindutva in multiethnic India will top the agenda of the annual meet of the Indian Muslim Council (IMC), a US-based advocacy group, next month. The Aug. 7 convention at the Sheraton Hotel in Arlington Heights in Chicago will focus on India's Muslims, the largest minority group. Several distinguished speakers from India and the U.S. will make presentations on present-day issues and the future direction for Indian Muslims and other minorities to thwart the influence of Hindutva in a pluralistic and multiethnic society such as India. The full day event, with its theme 'Indian Muslims: Past, Present and Future,' will be addressed by prominent scholars, historians, journalists, human rights activists and social scientists. Leaders and representatives of Dalit, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist and Indian-Christian communities will also address the convention."