Independent Organization Monitors Gurdwara Elections in Fremont

January 16, 2006

Source: The Argus

On January 16, 2006 The Argus reported, "The election of new leaders for the Gurdwara Sahib of the San Francisco Bay area was confirmed Sunday by an independent monitoring organization. The gurdwara's members also decided to limit the power of its leaders after more than 75 percent of people cast ballots in favor of instituting term limits, said Ram Singh, a member of the Panthic slate who was re-elected to the leadership body... The vote to amend the gurdwara's bylaws clarified the length of time that supreme council members should serve to two years. The amendments also limit members from serving more than twice in eight years. The amendments could go a long way toward placating some gurdwara members concerned whether leaders should be regularly elected or should serve for life, council members said. The disputes, which began in 1996 and boiled over in 2002, spawned lawsuits, violence and arrests at the gurdwara before the court's intervention in its election and finances... Of the 3,036 ballots cast Jan. 8 at the gurdwara, 2,349 people voted in favor of amending the gurdwara's bylaws, according to Californians for Electoral Reform, a non-partisan organization hired by the gurdwara to count ballots."