Increasingly, Religious Rituals Mark Life Events

May 29, 2004

Source: Daily Camera,1713,BDC_2477_2922119,00.html

On May 29, 2004 the Daily Camera reported, "More and more, faith leaders and community members are creating rituals to mark events not typically ritualized in previous generations. Some rituals are being used to help victims move past traumatic events, such as sexual abuse or rape or to help mourn losses such as a mastectomy or hysterectomy. Others are being used to mark happy occasions such as milestone birthdays, a new home, an adoption, or to mark rites of passage, such as weaning a child or entering a nursing home...The ritual blessings and actions often have a connection either to a biblical text, religious symbol, an older tradition or pattern; they may also use a ritual act in a new way, such as sprinkling holy water to bless a home. The rituals are usually personalized to match the occasion and the person."