Increased Claims of Workplace Discrimination in Carolinas

March 16, 2003

Source: The Charlotte Observer

On March 16, 2003 The Charlotte Observer reported that "more than a year after the terrorist attacks, the federal agency that monitors workplace discrimination says more workers are claiming bias and harassment based on their national origin or religion... The jump in Carolinas charges follows the national pattern. What's more, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission officials say the number of workplace discrimination charges could grow as the Carolinas become home to increasing numbers of immigrants -- or if America goes to war... 'The (discrimination charge) numbers have traditionally been quite low and they're expanding rapidly,' said Mindy Weinstein, EEOC regional attorney in charge of Carolinas litigation... Weinstein blames two things for what she's calling 'a huge jump' in charge filings: the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and the Carolinas' rapidly changing demographics. The attacks, she said, have spurred complaints by Muslims. Population changes in the Carolinas, she believes, are responsible for more claims by Latinos."