Imam W.D. Mohammed, Leader of American Black Muslims, Resigns

September 6, 2003

Source: The Sacramento Bee


On September 6, 2003, The Sacramento Bee reported that " [Imam W.D.] Mohammed resigned...saying he was frustrated that some of his ministers have not fully embraced the religious teachings of mainstream Islam. Although he had scuttled old racial rhetoric, changed the group's name and moved his followers into line with traditional, or Sunni, Islam, Mohammed, 69, told the crowd at the annual convention of the American Society of Muslims in Chicago that he wants to take his message to a wider audience. He is responsible for transforming the group from a black nationalist, social reform movement designed to uplift disenfranchised African Americans to one in which the universally recognized tenets of Islam are practiced. But Mohammed's critics say that more assertive action may be needed to change the conditions facing inner-city blacks."