Human Rights Watch Issues Report of Post 9/11 Backlash

November 13, 2002

Source: The New York Times

On November 13, 2002 The New York Times reported that "U.S. authorities responded quickly and vigorously to the post-Sept. 11 backlash against Arabs and Muslims, but they should have been better prepared for such violence, according to a report by Human Rights Watch. After the terrorist attacks, a wave of hate crimes against people perceived to be Arab and Muslim swept the nation. The violence, which included murder, beatings, arson, vandalism and death threats, was especially pronounced in the months just after the attacks. The report, released Thursday, is based on interviews with hate crime victims, community activists, police, prosecutors, civil rights agencies and on news reports. It focuses on six cities -- Dearborn, Mich.; Seattle; Phoenix; Los Angeles; New York; and Chicago -- that have large Arab, Muslim or South Asian populations or experienced high levels of backlash."