Houston Officials Aim to Regain Confidence Of Sikh Community

December 19, 2008

Author: Staff Writer

Source: Panthic Weekly News Bureau


In an attempt to regain the confidence of Sikhs located in Houston, local government officials have decided to start a diversity training program. Sheriff-elect Adrian Garcia has been the first official to participate in this program which has been partially designed to help console the outraged Houston Sikh community.

On November 26, Ramandeep Singh, a 28 year old architect technician, called 911 after noticing his house was robbed. When police arrived there they were less concerned about the burglary and more concerned about the Sikh identity. During the investigation, one deputy felt insecure about Ramandeep's turban and Ramandeep's sister, Kamaljit Kaur's kirpan. After seeing the kirpan, the deputy held a taser to Kamaljit Kaur's head and called for back up. Deputies then handcuffed the four family members which included Ramandeep's mother. The innocent family was only released from their handcuffs when a a supervisor arrived at their residence. The supervisor then blamed the incident on the deputies' youth and inexperience. A formal apology has still not been given to a family which is still suffering from emotional scars.

Kamaljeet Kaur has asked, "Why were we detained and put through this humiliating experience and shown such disrespect? We were treated as criminals when we had just been victimized." New York-based Sikh Coalition has demanded that the Sheriff's department release a formal apology. In addition to the apology, they are asking for the firing of the four deputies who were involved in this ignorant and racist incident. Officials have said that the deputies may face either disciplinary action or termination.